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The IELTS by IDP app

Open doors, achieve your life goals and get the results you need on test day, with the official IELTS app.

We've got your back

Find out why IELTS is the most trusted English language testing system around the world. Prepare with confidence, using a personalised app experience, based on your level of skill. Then get test results as soon as they are released. Your best chance of success is the official IELTS by IDP app. 

Aspiring to begin a new journey overseas for studies, immigration or work? We understand you already have a lot on your plate. Your English proficiency test should be the least of your worries. That's why we bring you IELTS by IDP - an all-in-one solution where you can book, prepare and access your IELTS test results from a single unified app.

The IELTS by IDP app is here!

Book, prepare and check your results all in one place. Download the app today.

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